Residential House Tutor (Girls House)

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Residential House Tutor (Girls House)

Job advert

Do you enjoy the challenge of working with enthusiastic international young minds? 


Are you prepared to work hard during the term time and have 16 weeks paid holiday per year? 


Do you want a great opportunity to save money as your accommodation and food is included in the package?


If you are looking for such a challenge and the rewards that come with it then this could be the job for you.


Being a residential house parent is more than a job – it is a vocation… where you can be trained, develop and be part of the Buckswood family.

Not only is Buckswood a school, it is a great place to live and work!


Buckswood School is an international, non-selective, independent boarding and day school, with around 350 students from over 45 nations. At Buckswood we recognise that every child is an individual and encouraging the students to be ‘their best selves’.


Working in our boarding residences as a Residential Tutor is a thrilling and demanding vocation. At Buckswood it is considered as a profession it in its own right; enabling our students to benefit from a caring team solely dedicated to ensuring their welfare, achievement, development and safety across all areas throughout their time at the school.


First and foremost, being possessed of an abundant enthusiasm for boarding life, and for helping young people to live happy and purposeful lives is essential for House Staff at Buckswood. The role of our residential staff is very intense and emotionally demanding on the one hand, and correspondingly rewarding and fulfilling on the other. The hours are long and must, by their nature, be flexible. However, the school holidays offer opportunities for rest and relaxation away from the school campus. The boarding culture at Buckswood is strong, and weekend activity is vibrant.


As a member of residential staff at Buckswood you will have exciting opportunities to travel the globe as you accompany students on International Trips during Half Term vacations. Through this, you will be facilitating the chance for our students to explore new cultures and create gain memorable experiences as a valued and trusted guide


We expect residential tutors to throw themselves into the job be it organising an activity or a trip- the more YOU put into the journey the more you get out of it.


Accommodation and meals (during term time) are provided but please note that this is only suitable for a single person 


If you want to learn more, please read the job description and if this sounds like you, then apply!